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JARWOSTOK is a HDPE Piping System company which supply and install piping system for water and gas. HDPE ( high Density Poly Ethylene) pipe is the best choice pipe at present for water and gas. PPI established since 1999. Poly ethylene pipe or knowing as PE 100 / HDPE / POLYPIPE. PE pipe is " food grade " ( safe for health) and anti corrosion. Polypipe uses for under ground piping system and can handle pressure nominal 16 bars and the best choice for potable water.

For jointing Polypipe, there are several ways as follow:
1. Butt Fusion is jointing two pipe or fitting with heat fusion.
2. Electro Fusion is jointing used electro fusion fitting. Maximum diameter is 630mm.
3. Flange to Flange joint sometimes we called Spool Pipe and using mostly in mining.
4. Compression Fitting ( mechanical joint) is very fast and easy ( no need machine) . 

5. Socket Fusion is same like butt fusion but more simple since the pipe less than 4 inch dia.

As a supplier, JARWOSTOK can provides:
a. HDPE pipes from Vinilon, Wavin, Maspion, Indopipe, Unilon and Tyco.
b. Fitting PE with butt fusion type, electrofusion or socket fusion.
c. Various valve from KITZ original, TOYO, and Onda.
d. Butt fusion machine, electro fusion, socket fusion from GF ( Georg Fischer) and Wuxi Shengda.
e. Water meter various size for home and industry.
f. Accessories piping such as Hydrant, stainless steel ( ss) pipes and others.

As Pipe Contractor, JARWOSTOK provides services:
a. Install HDPE pipes at any diameter and working pressure
b. Bio-gas pipeline, for mass bio-gas project.
c. Sea water intake pipeline, mainly used for Power Plant project and potable water.
d. Building Pipeline, such as hospitals, offices, hotels, and apartment.
e. House connection for private or government.
f. Main transmission pipeline, distributor pipeline and others.
g. Repair pipeline and piping system.
h. Rental Butt Fusion machine from 63mm to 800mm

0812 801 36 339
0896 1309 5956


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Selamat datang di website PT. WARGA TEHNIK MEKANIKA.
Warga Tehnik Mekanika ( WTM ) adalah perusahaan yang khusus menjual dan menyewakan mesin penyambung pipa HDPE untuk seluruh Indonesia sejak 1999. WTM memiliki 108 unit mesin penyambung pipa HDPE untuk disewakan dengan berbagai ukuran. Operator mesin yang kerap bekerja lebih dari 40 orang dan saat ini berkerja di berbagai proyek pipa HDPE diseluruh Indonesia.
Penyambungan pipa HDPE dapat dilakukan dengan 4 cara, yaitu:

Butt Fusion join, yaitu penyambungan dengan mempergunakan mesin butt fusion.
Electrofusion join, penyambungan dengan menggunakan mesin electrofusion dan dilengkapi dengan fitting electrofusion.
Socket fusion, penyambungan yang mempergunakan mesin socket fusion dan fitting socket. Penyambungan ini terbatas hanya untuk ukuran pipa yang kecil saja, yaitu 20mm hingga 110mm.
Mechanical join, yaitu menyambung pipa HDPE dengan mempergunakan compression fitting. Ada juga yang menambahkan penyambungan dengan flange to flange join sebagai mechanical join.

0812 801 36 339
021 958 64 718

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